ARMSTER Car Armrest

The armrests Armster S (Black) and Armster 2 (silver) from Hungarian manufacturer Rati are a premium-product which has no analogues in the Russian market, produced from high-quality materials certified according to European standards.


The main distinctive capabilities of Rati armrests:

• Great ergonomics for maximum driver comfort

• Stylish elegant appearance decoratess the interior of any car

• Increased load capacity: 80 kg (confirmed by tests)

• High-quality European materials provide excellent appearance and pleasant tactile sensations

• Bright individual packaging: a box that ensures the safety of products during logistics operations. Detailed installation instructions in each set


Since 1986 Rati has been recognized for its quality, reliability and continuous improvement in the European car accessory market. Furthermore, Rati is dedicated to moving away from mass production by aiming to be proactive, creative and determined.

„I have been leading Rati, as a second-generation family business since 2001. I consider Rati as a creative field, where I can generate value, accomplish ideas and take care of the community…” (Attila Rajnai, Owner & CEO)