ELEMENT Floor mats from TPE

ELEMENT – No. 1 among the car floor mats. Autofamily produces polyurethane mats with high rigid sides using new technologies. ELEMENT mats are made of sophisticated polymeric material, which makes them light (twice lighter than rubber) and safe for health. They have no unpleasant odor. Specially designed material composition allows to achieve sufficient rigidity at the optimum height of the sides, preventing the spread of water and dirt outside the mat.
• ELEMENT floor mats follow the geometry of the car floor perfectly. High sides offer sufficient protection of the car floor and interior elements from dirt and moisture;
• The 3D-covering plate completely covers the driver's footrest area, including lateral surface;
• due to the elasticity of the material, mats can be easily removed from the car, preventing the ingress of moisture and small rubbish pieces onto the floor covering of the interior of the car.

• the design of Element floor mats takes into account the international standards for operating safety, one of the key requirements of which is the exclusion of blocking of the car pedals. The original fastener securely fixes the driver's mat in the interior of the car and prevents the mat from getting under the control pedals;
• Element floor mats are made using environmentally friendly materials that do not have any negative effects on humans, including the evaporation of harmful substances and unpleasant odor.
• Element floor mats have an original volumetric pattern that emphasizes the individuality of the products and serves as an extension to the car design;
• Element floor mats are available in three colors: black, gray, and beige. You can choose the suitable color, which will harmoniously fit into the interior of your car.