FORTUS Mechanical anti-theft devices

Mechanical anti-theft devices FORTUS are devices that restrict (block) gearbox, maximally complicating the access of unauthorized persons to the operation of the vehicle. In mechanical anti-theft devices FORTUS modern technology of locks without plug-ins type is used. Opening and closing of the lock takes place by turning the key 180 degrees. The principle of mechanical anti-theft devices FORTUS is based on a fixation of the shift mechanism moving parts (thrust or connecting link) in "Reverse" position for manual transmission and "Parking" position for automatic transmission. Trying to mechanically crack will lead to a change in the geometry of thrust, making it impossible to operate the vehicle.

  • Protection against roll-up is achieved through the use of high-alloy steel pins.
  • Protection against drilling is achieved by carbide inserts in the cylinder lock.
  • Antacid protection is provided by a spring lock cylinder, made of beryllium bronze.
  • Protection against "Latchkey" and "Bumping" methods is achieved by mushroom-shaped pins inside the lock and use of MUL-T-LOCK INTERACTIVE® system. When removing the key with floating ping installed in it from the lock, you actually take away part of the secret.