NLZ Skid plates

The notorious Russian roads have made skid plates a very much needed device. The motor case and other important units located in the vicinity of the road surface must be securely protected.
The NLZ skid plates are designed for Russian roads and completely follows the geometry of the dust cap, having rigidity sufficient to withstand the impacts received during the obstacle encounter and to meet the standards of passive safety.
• It serves to prevent mechanical damage to vehicle units and assemblies located at the lowest points of the bottom. The skid plates are not deformed when struck at the force of up to 1,500 newtons and saves the car at the force of impact of 3,000 newtons.
• Each NLZ steel protection plate has a computer-simulated system of stiffening ribs and bends providing maximum strength.

• All fasteners are galvanized and resistant to the aggressive external environment, including ice-melting chemicals. Standard service holes in the body of the vehicle are used for fixing, so there is no need to drill the body.
• The hole plugs are pre-installed on each set for the purpose of car maintenance, providing quick access to the drain holes.
• A mechanically durable, heat-resistant powder coating will prevent scratches and corrosion, as well as extend the overall service life of the product.
• Special flexible elements – dampers – exclude vibration in places of skid plate attachment
to the body.
The NLZ protection plates series provide the maximum number of protective elements: skid plates, plates for gearbox radiator, reduction unit, and other elements. In addition to the above, the products made both of steel and aluminum are available.