VINGURU Window visors

VINGURU side window deflectors let you control the microclimate inside the vehicle in any weather, in rain or snow. They prevent fogging of glasses, improve aerodynamics, bring additional stylish elements in the shape of a car.

VINGURU deflectors are developed through the application of modern technologies of laser 3D-scanning. A special scanner forms an exact three-dimensional model of the car body surface. On the basis of this model the geometry of the deflectors themselves is developed, so that to ensure maximum adhesion to the body. Following the development, each type of deflectors is tested by applying on a vehicle. Only after successful completion of the tests the product is marketed.

Modern high-tech types of composite materials are used for the manufacture of deflectors: molding polycarbonate and polymethyl methacrylate sheets. These materials are durable, flexible, resistant to temperature fluctuations, exposure to sunlight and chemicals. They retain their properties throughout service life.

Deflectors are fixed to the surface of car body by means of double-sided 3M scotch tape, known for its reliability and quality. We use only original 3M scotch of a specialized type for maximum adhesion to the car's paintwork. Additionally, to enhance the adhesion, each deflectors set has degreaser and 3M adhesive primer. High-quality pre-treatment of the surface with these agents ensures stable fixation for many years of operation.